What you can do

Get involved in our creative actions

The groups involved in this coalition are all taking creative action to end oil sponsorship of the arts. Many of these actions are performance-based. If you are an artist, contact Liberate Tate. If you'd like to help create theatrical performances, get in touch with BP or not BP?. If you work in the cultural sector, you might want to talk to Platform or the PCS union. If you want to work in solidarity with frontline Indigenous communities, check out UK Tar Sands Network. All the groups in this coalition would be delighted to hear from you. You can contact them via the Member Groups page.

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Join the debate

Platform's 'Not if but when: culture beyond oil' brings together responses of artists and activists to the debate in a unique collaboration between artists, activists, researchers, theorists and critics.

Download the publication or read it online here.

Let oil-sponsored cultural institutions know how you feel...

There's a list of institutions here.

Make a piece of art 

Art that’s your response to the current climate crisis, or inspired by resistance to oil-fuelled injustice, or fired by the need for solutions, or...you decide. Send a small picture, link or description of it to info@artnotoil.org.uk, and we may well add it to one of our online galleries.